Custom Sports Netting Manufacturer Baseball Netting Made Locally in the U.S.A.

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With 15 years of experience and 120 trade shows under our belt, we have mastered the netting industry.

Nets of America is the cheapest and best quality netting provider in the United States. We offer $18 flat rate shipping on all netting orders, regardless of the quantity of nets requested. Additionally, our production time is 7-10 business days.

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All of our custom backstops and baseball batting cage nets are:

Made from Dupont 66-728, 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Material that is U.V. protected, weather treated with a slight tar finishing for extra durability & longevity allowing for both indoor and outdoor use. Because of our slight tar finishing that blocks any moisture from penetrating the material, our robust and sturdy custom nylon nets are the best in the world.

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Our Process

Nets of America has perfected production time on any size or shape project to within 7-10 business days, which is hand made in our facility here in the United States. All of the pricing you see below, in our sports netting calculators, come finished with rope borders around the perimeter of the whole net. The standard rope border option is simply weaved in and out of each mesh and sewn in the corners. Additionally, you can add the option to sew the rope borders to the net every mesh.

In recent years the rise in demand for the baseball Nets have reached a tremendous growth, and fulfilling that demand is the need of the hour.
This is done by weaving the rope border in and out of each mesh, just like our regular border option, but we then have our machine interlock the border every mesh which gives it a tighter and cleaner look. Our nets are made to last with whatever option is chosen. We also provide the option for vinyl borders with grommets, lead core rope and vinyl borders with lead core rope. Our highly reputable nets come finished hung on a square which allows for easy installation as opposed to diamond netting that is very inconsistent in the sizes you order.

Custome baseball nets ate certainly much sought among people who have fine eyes for a quality product.

Signs reading “baseball nets for Sale” are quite vibrant in the country and people go bonkers over the baseball batting nets which are quite hit among the sporting crowd of the country.

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$18 shipping on ALL netting orders