We are pretty good at getting custom orders out within 7-10 working days. Keep in mind every product that is shipped is custom made from scratch and we have very few pre made items.

Our nylon nets last depending on how often the nets will be used. As a batting cage net, our standard #36 nylon average lifespan with moderate use will be 4-7 years. As a backstop net, our #36 nylon average lifespan outdoors will be 8+ years.

We currently have the smallest mesh of 7/8 inch mesh (typically for golf) and the largest mesh size we offer is our 4 inch mesh(typically for soccer, volleyball, football & basketball). The other meshes we have are for baseball/softball 1-3/4 inch mesh & for lacrosse/hockey 1-1/2 inch mesh.

Our netting is predominately black because we care about the quality and longevity of our nets. The other reason the nets are black is because the slight tar finish for weather elements and longevity will only allow to be added to black nets. We also carry some other colors on occasion like white or green. Please call for availability.

All of our nets are 100% twisted knotted nylon UV protected, weather treated and dipped with a slight tar finishing for extra durability to battle the outdoor elements and for longevity indoor & outdoor. We also carry non dipped nets for indoor facilities who request it.

All nets are machine made in a diamond shape. If left so, they are cheaper to sell but a nightmare to handle when installing a batting cage or backstop net. Believe us when we tell you with our experience that the diamond mesh never fits right and will take some expertise installation to make it work. Our nets are all sold on the square and are ready for easy installations when they are done. There is a reason why we fold our mail, laundry, money, checks etc. in a square or rectangular manner.

Knotted nylon is netting material that is knotted in all four corners of a square mesh for durability. Knotless netting is joined together by the machine without having knots. Common sense will tell you if you have a string in your hand and try to pull it apart manually it will be much more difficult if that string had a knot in it.

Basically, all the strong material will be nylon(clothing, rugs, toothbrush, parachutes & swimming shorts) Poly will be a fancy word for plastic(bottles, food wrap, toys, garden hoses & buckets) Nylon will outlast poly outdoors in the sun by double the lifespan. Indoors the poly will hold up better but ultimately you are still dealing with a strong material in nylon versus a plastic material in poly.