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Golf Range Net(TOP GOLF)

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Golf Range Net used and seen at many golf range netting facilities & Top golf hitting facilities across the country. These nets as barriers are warrantied at 5 years but will and have lasted up to 12 years.

All our polyester netting is jet dyed rather than dipped. All filaments are black all the way through rather than just the outer coating like dipped nets so that the netting retains its black color for al ing time. The material is fire retardant and will melt at 482 Degrees F. The weight of the golf net is .04 lbs per square ft. The breaking strength is at 195 lbs and has a diamond shaped mesh of 7/8″

Our knotless polyester Golf netting is used for many professional golf facilities but also can be used as backyard or local backstop nets or hitting cages.

Golf Knotless Polyester Backstop Net (Top Golf)

#18: Our knotless polyester golf netting is the preferred net of Top Golf & most other golf range netting systems. We add a solid rope border that is hand sewn. This netting is diamond shaped with a mesh of 7/8?. The breaking strength is 195 lbs. It is impregnated with UV Protection and Jet dried black so it does not lose its color for many years. Lifespan as a backstop net is 10 years + or -. OUR KNOTLESS POLYESTER NETTING CAN ONLY BE HAND SEWN & HAVE A LEAD CORE BOTTOM ADDED BUT NO VINYL CAN BE ADDED ALONG WITH GROMMETS