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Gym Floor Covers

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Gym Floors are all 10 Feet Wide

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Gym Floor Covers

Gym Floor Covers add longevity to your gymnasium floor. Protect your home court against school dances, concerts, graduations & other functions. Our gym covers are built tough to last under the heaviest of foot traffic. Our heavy duty PVC coated polyester on both sides is fire retardant on all standard fire codes. Available in 15 colors, it is also waterproof, rot and mildew resistant and has an anti fungal and anti bacterial treatment. Comes in 10′ wide sections that lay flat and smooth and can be made to fit your gym floor dimensions.

How to Choose the Right Cover Weight

Gym Floor Covers come in different weights so it is important to know how much traffic your gym will be encountering and the right weight material to purchase. Here are some things to consider before purchasing:

  • The expected frequency of the cover use whether it is weekly, monthly or yearly
  • Types of functions that take place
  • Finding out the overall dimensions of the gym floor

Our gym floor covers are made in 10′ wide sections so it is easy to handle and install. When figuring the size needed, add 6 to 12 inches for overlapping each section. For Example a 75’x110′ floor will need to have 8 sections 10’x110′ each.

32 Ounce Cover: It has a 17 year warranty and it has a tear strength of 210 x 210 lbs

27 Ounce Cover: It has a 15 year warranty and the tear strength is 125 x 90 lbs

22 Ounce Cover: It has a 10 year warranty and the tear strength is 110 x 75 lbs

18 Ounce Cover: It has an 8 year warranty and a tear strength of 90 x 65 lbs

Installing the Gym Floor Covers

After the covers are laid down and overlapped, secure the overlaps and perimeter edges with a handheld walk behind tape dispenser(Sold separately). Our tape leave no residue on floor or covers. Also sold separately is our rack for loading and unloading the floor covers.

All Gym Floor Covers have a full warranty against any fabric and manufactures defect.
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