Baseball Turf for Batting Cages


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Baseball Turf for Batting Cages

Baseball turf for batting cages made by Nets of America is an American product made from 100% nylon. Made in our warehouse of the strongest nylon material, our baseball turf is built to last. Once you receive the turf, roll it out let it settle a day until it conforms to the turf and then use some out door glue so the turf stays put to the concrete. Please be careful before you purchase turf. Many companies are getting turf directly from China and reselling. Beware of these companies due to the quality and traces of lead. With our company, there is no lead, it is an american made product and is made of the highest nylon netting. Our turf gives you a true ball roll with a softness of a new generation of rubber filled turf. Maintenance free and 10% cooler, this is the highest standard of baseball turf in the country. Our heavy duty turf comes in Winter green and is the standard 12′ wide. Use it for batting cages, dugouts or combine it for larger indoor or outdoor facilities. Custom cut any length. Check out our size options and the pricing we offer. Package it with baseball netting, L Screen Frame & net, a backdrop and our installation hardware.
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