Golf Backstop Netting (Custom NYLON)

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Golf Backstop Netting

Golf Backstop netting is made out of our strongest 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Netting, Dupont 66-728 and with UV Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and longevity. Our net is excellent for golf driving ranges or to simply hit golf balls into. The best Golf driving range netting on the market square hung and easy to install. This premier product of golf ball netting over the years have garnered huge reputation for being sturdy and commanding.

Golf Backstop Netting Borders

Regular Rope Border: Weaved in and out of each mesh and sewn in the corners. Most popular option.

Sewn Rope Border: Weaved in and out of each mesh, sewn in the corners & the sewn every mesh.

Lead Core Rope Bottom: Lead Core rope is sewn to the bottom rope border of the net to keep the net weighed down against balls hitting the net or wind. The top and two sides of the net will have regular rope borders.

Vinyl Border with Grommets: 18 ounce vinyl is sewn onto the net around the perimeter of the net and then grommets are punched into the vinyl every 18 inches

Vinyl and Lead Core Rope Bottom: Lead core rope is put inside an 18 ounce vinyl piece that is sewn onto the net bottom to keep the net from flying up in the wind or from balls hitting into the net. The tope and two sides will have regular rope borders.

Golf Knotless Polyester Backstop Net (TOP Golf)

#18: Our knotless polyester golf netting is the preferred net of Top Golf & most other golf range netting systems. We add a solid rope border that is hand sewn. This netting is diamond shaped with a mesh of 7/8″. The breaking strength is 195 lbs. It is impregnated with UV Protection and Jet dried black so it does not lose its color for many years. Lifespan as a backstop net is 10 years + or -. OUR KNOTLESS POLYESTER NETTING CAN ONLY BE HAND SEWN & HAVE A LEAD CORE BOTTOM ADDED BUT NO VINYL CAN BE ADDED ALONG WITH GROMMETS

Golf Backstop Netting Gauges

#18: The lightest possible material for golf backstop nets or cages. First of All, this net is widely used for Golf Driving Range netting facilities and individual backyard hitting cages or hitting nets. Our netting has a breaking strength of 194 lbs. 7/8″ Mesh Squared. Therefore, the lifespan can last 5-6 years with moderate use.

A sturdy golf ball netting is quite important to sustain mighty impact that may prove it’s robustness.

#21: This product is the most popular amazon batting cage seller. Also, this net is excellent for all sorts of golf netting needs. Since the thickness is about a quarter thick of a pencil, this net is middle grade. It has a 7/8″ mesh size hung on the square. With moderate use as a hitting cage, it can last up to 3-5 years. As a backstop net 8+ years, Our netting has a breaking strength of 237 lbs.

#36: Nylon Netting, Dupont 66-728, with UV Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and longevity. This is the strongest golf backstop net on the market. In addition, this net is not really sold as a backstop net but more for individual panels. Due to its thickness, It is used for high impact abuse from golf balls within a hitting cage or used by many customers as a golf/baseball hitting cage. So, as a result, the thickness of this net is a little more than half the thickness of a pencil. Our netting has a breaking strength of 345 lbs. Finally, with a square mesh size of 7/8″, this net is made specifically to stop golf balls.
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  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    No words to say. Excellent

    A month ago, I was looking to purchase golf ball netting to improve the golf technique, then I visited Nets of America and purchased a golf ball netting. I am very much confused as I have purchased the product from this website for the first time, but after using their netting, I am a fan of their products. Literally, I have no words to say.

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