Buyer Beware

Netting: Not Nylon its Crap!!!!!!! 

Buyer Beware. In todays netting world many companies offer many items. Those many items include different kinds of nets to try and get an angle on the competition. These are the facts. As a result, if it is not Nylon it is crap material and it will not last with weather elements offered outdoors to the ball beating indoors. All our clothing is made from nylon. Therefore, there is a reason we don’t wear plastic or other clothing items in the sun. There are companies that claim there netting is rot proof and UV protected. Also, companies that claim a double dipping. It does not matter what you put on top of crap to make it last. The fact is that at the end of the day, under all these things added is still crap. Don’t take the chance of buying material that is not Nylon.

Nylon has been proven for many years to last indoor and outdoor. Hence, we here at Nets of America offer the highest quality nylon netting on the market that is weather treated, UV protected and has a 3% tar finishing. Our nets are durably made to battle any weather elements. Our pricing will even beat most of the imposters out on the market. Do your research on nylon netting to confirm the durability and quality. Whatever you do, do not trust companies that do not sell any nylon material. Most of all, don’t fall into the trap of being suckered into thinking you are getting a good deal on anything other than nylon. Within a few years you will regret your decision guaranteed. With 100% certainty, Nylon netting will outlast any other material on the market by double that lifespan.

For Baseball batting cage nets, Backstop netting, golf barrier nets, soccer backstops and a lacrosse net contact us. We are here to help and offer an honest price for a spectacular product. Made in the US.

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Nylon Netting or Bust. USA Netting or Bust!!!

Sports Netting Beware!!!!

Baseball Nets with Nylon netting for a backstop net or batting cage net will always last 3 x the life outdoor or indoor compared to any other material that exists on the market. Our clothing, carpeting, toothbrushes & panty hoses are all made from Nylon for a reason, durability & longevity!

Nets of America Has been making our 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon netting from the highest Dupont grade material for over 10 years. Our material is UV Protected & weather treated to give it the extra strength for out door elements or the constant beating it will take from an indoor baseball or sports facility. Our custom nets are made to your specs here in the USA!! Check our custom netting calculator for all sports here.

Be careful of the companies throughout the web that use sly words or deflect from the fact that their netting is not Nylon. Make sure you compare apple to apple. Alot of companies claim rot free netting or the best netting material but if Nylon is not mentioned then you can stop there. Quite simply, if it is not Nylon it is junk. Be a smart shopper, dont buy plastic and instead buy a net to last you 3 x the life of the non nylon netting.

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