100% American Made Nylon Baseball Nets over UK Plastic

100% American Made Nylon Baseball Nets over UK Plastic any-day. What? Baseball nets made from Plastic & made in the UK!!! The growing trend taking over the Amazon market place.

Yep, you heard this right. Baseball nets made from plastic material sold on Amazon and Google are a big hit lately. Loads of good reviews are coming from these little petty orders in which the customer is clueless or simply does not care for quality. Furthermore, sure the average Joe that needs as net for his backyard garden or stop birds from coming into an area would be satisfied because quite frankly, the quality does not matter. For some, a lifespan of 1 or 2 years is plenty so they forgo any research and settle. However, MLB teams, indoor facilities or much serious clients know very well that quality does matter. They do their research and 100% of the time choose 100% American Made Nylon Baseball Nets.

Lets get to the facts & common sense

Truth-meter is the fact that 100% American Made Nylon Baseball Nets will out last poly ( aka Plastic) 3x longer guaranteed.   Sun + Plastic = Brittle.  Take a look at the photo below. Which item of clothing would you wear? The first photo or the second? As a result, which shirt would last longer overall.

Lets calculate this for a moment. See below:

#36 nylon baseball net 20’x20′ finished with regular rope borders $144

#18 Poly ( Plastic ) baseball net 20’x20′ finished with regular rope borders $76.80

The Nylon Baseball Backstop net will last 8 years outdoor. On the other hand, the Poly net will last 2-3 years outdoors.

Cost of 1 nylon baseball net = $144. The cost of three cheaper poly nets $76.80 x 3 orders to match the lifespan of a nylon net = $229.50.

Shipping any net within the US next day air with a weight of 10 lbs or more will cost you at least $50. Now imagine shipping something next day from the UK. How is it possible that shipping is only $18? Common sense will tell you the product is inferior based on the weight.

For example, a 20’x20′ nylon baseball net will weigh approx. 16 lbs. On the other hand, a poly baseball net 20’x20′ will weigh approx. 4 lbs.

The big question then becomes, would you rather wear a bullet proof vest that weighs 4 lbs or one that weighs 16 lbs. Basically, the heavier the material, the more serious the quality is.

We here at Nets of America Inc. challenge anyone with other experiences and we welcome any discussion when it comes to nylon versus poly.

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In life, the ones that succeed are the ones that use common sense. In contrast, the others are lost with buying cheap now but in reality paying more in the end.

Remember, there is a reason why we lead the world in everything we do. Hence, when you think of sports netting to last, think of our 100% American Made Nylon Baseball Nets.

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