Nets: $18 Dollar Shipping

Baseball nets shipping at only $18!!! Yes it is true and it has been true for two years now. Our customers love it so we decided to keep it going. Are in the market for a baseball batting cage net or a backstop net for any other sport? If so, you have come to the right place. No matter how big your order is, you will have a shipping cap at $18.

First of all, our experts have been making custom baseball netting and sports netting for over 12 years now. Because of the years vested, we have a strong reputation for providing the best 100% twisted knotted nylon material. Also, our material is UV protected and weather treated for durability indoor or out. Therefore, we encourage all our customers to shop and compare our product. As a result when compared apple to apple, we want our customers to truly appreciate the rock bottom pricing we offer. All our nets are made in house by hand which is turned around within 5-7 working days. Netting jobs include backyards, stadiums and barriers to stop ball from going into a street or lake.

Our website contains a custom calculator so you can plug in your dimensions in order to get the perfect net. In addition, our calculator offers a border option such as a regular rope border at no cost, a sewn rope border or vinyl border finishes. With over 130 trade specific industry conferences, we know what it takes to be successful. Trust our expertise in building your next custom net for whatever you project may be. Finally, join our company and see why MLB, Colleges, Little Leagues and individuals come to Nets of America for their netting needs.

Contact us @ 800-730-4211 or direct 813-449-0572

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baseball backstop net made custom

Custom baseball backstop net from Nets of America

Baseball Batting Cage Nets

Batting cage nets custom made

Baseball pitcher Photo

Baseball Backstop netting

Custom backstop net for baseball

Dyneema Baseball Backstop Net

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