Custom Netting Vs. Pre-Made Netting When trying to decide for a net to fill a void, after the measurements are taken, is to decide whether to go for custom netting or pre-made nets. For people in the netting industry, it is obvious that custom fit nets are the way to go, whether it is a baseball backstop net, Batting Cage net, soccer backstop or football field goal net. Let’s face it, why would you buy anything else that would not fit your netting needs.

The scenario begins when it is time to replace a baseball batting cage net. The old net is taken down. You re-measure the poles and realize that they are an odd distance, at times not very uniform. A couple issues and questions arise. What is the total Height x Width x Length? After determining this, do we need the net to be so close to the poles? Can we live with 6” off the poles to avoid ball firing back off them? Thus avoiding extra unnecessary costs of putting padding around the poles?

All these questions are valid ones and ones that all organizations encounter prior to making netting purchase decisions. Now Pre-Made nets have already been made overseas and usually offer a cheap option. For years, people have been buying pre-made cages or backstops because there was simply no other alternative to the low-cost fix. The quality was obviously terrible but the price was really low. People would pay $500-$700 for plastic pre-made cages that would only last two years top outdoors. This has now changed in the last five years. Custom netting can beat the prices of pre-made nets and cages by offering superior quality sports netting at lower or the same cost. The thirst for cheap priced, high quality, long lasting netting that the customers have been asking for has been answered by Nets of America Inc. They combine 100% twisted knotted nylon netting that will last outdoor as backstops over 6 years easy and batting cages over 5 years easy (depending on how often used-Average). See the difference.

Don’t make the mistake of the past and purchase a plastic or pre-made net. Buy the nylon Heavy-duty netting to last at lower or the same price as the cheap netting. Picture yourself walking around in a plastic overhung T-Shirt! Now why would you do that to you batting cage? Dress it up like the pros do and shop Nylon netting from our selection of custom sized options at Nets of America Inc. Major League Baseball teams have jumped on board and now it is time for you the customer to get the net that you deserve at a budget that you can pay. We are here to help fulfill your netting needs.
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