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Black Netting Poles

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Black Netting Poles

Black Netting Poles by Nets of America Inc. 100% American made Heavy Duty treated steel poles perfect for your batting cage nets or backstop netting. You will not find better poles online or offline. These are the best poles money can by hands down. Guaranteed to last double & triple the life of any other pole you find online or at local hardware store. All other places provide you with Chinese made inferior products. Pay more knowing you a getting an American Made product that will last you for many years to come.

Black Netting Poles Process

We custom cut the poles length you need, any size. Then we apply Carclad Undercoater which is a non fibered asphalt typically used on trucks, trailers, buses and RV’s. This provides excellent protection to guard against corrosion on steel surfaces & other substrates. It is water based and non-flammable and presents no hazards from open flame or welding in the work area.¬†Production time for the whole process is 2 weeks. From backyards to MLB fields over the past 20 years Nets of America Inc. has outfitted many facilities. In transportation of the poles, they may get dinged, so touching them up with Carclad Undercoater may be wise once received.

Black Netting Poles Options

1-7/8″ Outside Diameter Steel Black Netting Poles

  • The lighter side of our pole inventory. Good enough for backyard netting poles set up to be used as simple backstop nets
  • Good enough for small backstops 4’H to 12’H

2-7/8″ Outside Diameter Steel Black Netting Poles

  • Perfect for smaller batting cage nets using our #21 to #96 netting. These are lighter poles for batting cage heights from 6’H to 10’H
  • Also Perfect for small backstop nets in the backyard ranging from 4’H to 12’H.

4″ Outside Diameter Steel Black Netting Poles

  • Perfect for batting cage nets using our #21 to #96 netting. These are heavy duty poles for batting cage heights 8’H to 20’H.
  • Also perfect for Backstop nets for Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse & Soccer. Ideal for backstops ranging from 12’H to 30’H.

6-5/8″ Outside Diameter Steel Black Netting Poles

  • An upgraded version for slightly heavier gauge nylon netting batting cages #60 to #96 ranging in height from 8’H to 24’H.
  • Recommended for backstop nets ranging in height of 30’H or more. Perfect for Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse & Soccer backstop nets.

8.625 Outside Diameter Steel Black Netting Poles

  • These poles are beasts & will last a very long time. Able to handle any size batting cage net.
  • Extremely Heavy Duty poles for backstop nets. Good for backstop nets 60’H & above.

All Shipping Costs on Poles Vary depending upon the location of Delivery.

The customer is responsible for offloading the poles from the freight company unless we are doing the installation. The freight companies are not responsible for offloading any poles. Please be sure to have machinery ready to offload any poles upon arrival.