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Windscreen Calculator

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Windscreen for Fences

Windscreen made in the US from the highest standard of Polyester Material. First of all, our privacy screen attaches to any fence to provide a very attractive look for any chainlink fencing. So another feature that separates our company in the industry is that quality has been tested for almost 15 years. In addition, due to distractions and wind interference around the dugout during games, our heavy duty polyester privacy screen offers a solid blockage. Therefore, our custom built screens dress up any field or tennis court. Rather than guess please compare some of our features to other companies. Here are some our our features:

  • Finished with grommets around the perimeter of your windscreen, it is made any size or shape needed.
  • Brass Grommets at 18″ apart.
  • Also, we offer the option to add your school, company or full scale graphics or logos.
  • UV Protected
  • 82% Blockage
  • As a result of windscreen being more than 6′ high, we offer a center lacing lip which allows for an easy install

Especially relevant, when ordering it is recommended to actually order material that is little shorter so when installed you have some distance that is off the ground. Hence, by keeping it away from the ground, you are safe from lawn mowers, critters or weed whackers. Since, the goal is to maximize your screens life, in conclusion by purchasing a top notch product while being wise when purchasing the right height you therefore have done your deed.

From little league organizations to professional teams, Nets of America has covered outfield fences and provided privacy for over over 15 years. Check out out custom windscreen calculator below to get the screen you need that will fit your needs down to the inch. As a result of our growth, Nets of America has grown to offer many more windscreen features. In addition, we offer to add graphics to your screen. Finally, please contact us for further questions.