Netting Clearance



Netting Clearance

Netting clearance from the manufacturer of baseball netting. In our clearance section, Nets of America offers backstop nets, batting cage netting, windscreen and other miscellaneous items. All items have never been used and are brand new. They are also never touched by the customer and have not left our doors. These items are hand crafted to the specs the customer demanded. For some reason or another, either due to credit card denials or last minute cancellations, they were never shipped. This is a perfect opportunity to get your net, batting cage or windscreen on a below bargain deal.

Netting Clearance from Nets of America has been in and around the netting world for 15 years now. All our hand crafted nets have been made for parks, stadiums and all sorts of netting applications. Made from 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon netting, our product has been tested for years in the most extreme conditions. Some the harsh conditions our netting has endured over the years has been from heavy rain, snow, sun, hurricane & tornados. The secret to the longevity of our nets is the finishing all our nets come with. They are weather treated and UV protected. Whether these nets will be going indoor or outdoor, the UV protection adds durability to the netting making it sturdy thus allowing it withstand all weather elements and constant beatings of all sorts of sports balls. Having been in the game for so long and doing over 120 industry specific trade shows, Nets of America knows exactly what works in our field and our pricing is one that will not be beat. If in our clearance you do not see the net or item that will work for you, go into our website and play with our custom netting calculator. We have specific netting to fit any sport you need. We can custom make it any size or shape for your exact needs. We can save you the time from shopping around since we guarantee you will not find a better deal on a custom net.


Contact us for any questions 1-800-730-4211 or [email protected]

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#36 Baseball Backstop 12'-10"x21'-6", Polyester PVC Forest Green Windscreen 8'-11"x18'-3" – 2 each, #60 Baseball Backstop 4'x6', #24 Nylon Baseball Backstop Net 12'x12', Pro Tennis Net, #36 Nylon Baseball Batting Cage Net 12'Hx12'Wx81'L, #36 Lacrosse Backstop 6'x35', #36 Nylon Baseball Cage 12'Hx12'Wx87'L, #36 Soccer Backstop 20'Hx60'L, #72 Baseball Backstop 4'x6' – 3 each, #36 Nylon Baseball L Screen Net 7'x7' with 3'x3' cutout, #24 Lacrosse Backstop Net 12'x30', #21 Nylon Baseball Cage Net 10'Hx12'Wx10'L, #24 Nylon Soccer Net 4" Mesh 10'x40', #96 Nylon Baseball Nets 7'x60'