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Lead Core Rope

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Lead Core Rope

Lead core rope by Nets of America Inc. We offer a few different options of Lead Core Rope from our 5/16″ – 65 lbs to our 3/8″ – 85 lbs. Our lead core rope is sold per linear feet. The most common lead core rope used for batting cage nets is our 5/16″ – 65 lbs rope. The weight of each are considered per 600 foot spool. So approximately a pound every 10 feet.

Constructed with a polyester hollow braided outer jacket rope filled with lead beads. The breaking strength of our lead core bottom is approximately 600 lbs. Weighted rope is an option offered to add to the bottom of your batting cage nets. It created an anchor down effect which reduces the net flying around with excessive wind or the balls being hit. Typically it is advised to always add 6″ to a foot extra on the netting bottom, the lead core rope gives you the extra stability to keep the bottom of the netting down. This is not an absolute solution but it does help weigh the net down much better than usual rope.

The lead core bottom can be purchased at any length or weight and can be attached to the bottom of the net by simply weaving the rope in and out of the mesh and secured with zip ties or twine. The lead core rope depending on the weight is intended to keep the net on the ground & not intended to add unnecessary weight to the net thus adding tension to the cable system.

Exposed lead should be dealt with safely and should be disposed of. It is not recommend for children or animals chewing on it.