Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable

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Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable

Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable using Galvanized Aircraft Cable O.D. 7×19 custom cut to any length. Nets of America offers the first of its kind option to provide custom length aircraft cable. Our vinyl coated aircraft cable allows for an installation of netting that will keep the netting away from the wire. Whether you are installing your netting using regular cable or vinyl coated cable, you always want to keep the netting material away from any rigid objects thus prolonging the life of the net. What the vinyl coated cable does is offer a smooth surface surrounding the actual cable that protects the net even if it comes in contact with any portion of the batting cage or backstop. Our aircraft cable is ideal for installing your Baseball Batting Cage net or Backstop Netting. Rope tends to sage and makes your net look sloppy. By using wire rope or cable, it can be tensioned tight so your net hangs as straight as possible. With a tight cable, you avoid extra netting material on the ground. Please just add the quantity needed for the job in the add section and add it to the cart. Also in our standard 250′ & 500′ spools.