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Bungee Ball Net Fasteners are designed to secure nets to any steel frame with a round/square post that is 3” or smaller. As an alternative to installation hardware offered on our website, this will work on smaller netting or netting that needs to add additional support. The Bungee Ball Net Fasteners are 5/16” thick black, elastic cords and have knobs that are used for quick net attachment. The cord is UV resistant, which adds durability and longevity. From baseball backstop netting, batting cage nets, soccer, lacrosse or other sports nets, The Bungee Ball Net Fastener is a perfect quick solution for you installation.

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  • Baseball Backstop Netting – 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon Baseball Cage Netting, Dupont 66-728, with UV Protection & weather treatment for extra durability and longevity. All nets are square hung and come ready to install in one piece finished with rope borders.

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