Urgent Baseball Nets 101: Class is in Session

What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Baseball nets

Urgent Baseball nets

Urgent baseball nets

Baseball nets and modern models with designs of Baseball Cage Netting Systems have evolved over the past years. Sometimes the difficult process of selecting the net, poles sizes & hardware adjustments may make you a bit confused when choosing for your facility. This matters greatly whether you are helping your future star or you are looking to simply hit over time. This is why we label this matter as operation urgent baseball nets.

A Baseball Batting Cage Net can become a cherished section of your home and the whole family. You will need to take into consideration various factors, which include the Perfect net, poles & hardware. There are multiple styles and combinations you can choose from. Here are the various factors you can use to find a batting cage that best suits your needs.

Baseball Nets, Poles & Hardware

Batting Cage Pole

Batting Cage Pole

Baseball Nets

When purchasing your urgent baseball nets for a batting cage net, it is essential to consider the different types of nets. An experienced baseball baller knows that there are only three nets to choose from. We have in order, Nylon, HDPE or poly and Dyneema/Spectra. If you have ever played this game, then, you will know how essential it is to buy a net not to last you for one or two years but for 5+ years. If you are a beginner, you will never know the difference until after playing for a year. The type of netting you choose will vary on various factors such as how much, research on the material from online & USA made.

Nylon Netting

Baseball nets made from Nylon are quite unique compared to the other nets on the market. Made with cotton fibers, nylon absorbs chemicals you add to the raw material unlike any other material. For example, the UV protection & added weather treatment. The chemicals are absorbed & impregnated all the way through the fibers thus locking into the core of the netting material. This allows the net to be strong and fight any elements of weather from sun, rain, snow, mildew or ice. The final process is tar finishing, or the double dipping process, which is 3% tar finishing just enough to make the nets durable. So indoor or outdoor, the tar makes the net tough to fight ball abuse, UV rays or other elements without damaging the baseballs.

HDPE/Poly Netting

Baseball nets made from HDPE/Poly netting is the lowest possible quality of netting you can buy. 98% of the time manufactured in China or other Asian countries, HDPE is a fancy word for plastic. Plastic netting is extremely cheap to make and it is very light. It is typically half the weight of a nylon net. HDPE material is locked. There is a barrier to entry for any chemicals to get in thus making it impossible to protect itself from the harmful outdoor elements.

Chemicals slide off from plastic material making it impossible from being rot proof. These materials will last well indoor away from the sun and weather materials but the other problem is the weight and quality. Because of the weight & quality, the beating of the baseball of this cheap plastic material will wear the net down 75% quicker than a Nylon net which is an urgent baseball nets no no.


Baseball Nets made from Dyneema/Spectra cost too much and are on par with nylon. The advantage with Dyneema is that it is extremely durable, light and thin perfect for backstop nets. This material can a modern material that can abosorb everything that Nylon has to offer thus making it a great choice for backstop netting.

The #18 dyneema is so thin that it is not advised to be used as batting cage netting. MLB teams and all the accidents you see on the news were because Dyneema netting was used and over a few years will break down. Part of that reason is because the material is so thin that the sun wears on it quickly. The cost of Dyneema is a major concern and the reason why people avoid it. Running typically 10 x the cost of nylon. This cost which will be shocking leads to another urgent baseball nets dilemma.


Baseball nets for batting cage nets & their poles are in our opinion very important. When purchasing poles, it is essential to buy what you can see and are tangible. The worst thing a person can do is to purchase the poles online. First of all, online poles or systems come from China. Contact the company before you buy and make sure they are made in the USA. In the USA we have rules and regulations making the standards poles better quality. That also goes for netting. Make sure the nets are made here in the U.S.A and not in Asia or the UK.

To install them, make sure your poles for batting cages have at least a 3” Outside diameter and are made from galvanized steel. Finally, make sure you go 3 feet in the ground 12 to 15’H & 4’ deep 15 to 20’ H. Purchase your poles from Home depot or Lowes if they have them. Your local steel company would be the best option.

Baseball Nets & Hardware

Baseball Nets and the hardware needed is quite simple. There are four main components to install baseball nets to your poles. They are aircraft cable, spring clips, Turnbuckles & Cable clamps. Buying these items at Home Depot or Lowes is possible but you will be paying three or four times the cost of a netting supplier.

Buying the perfect net is the most important thing to do in building your own baseball cage net. The process is not complicated and the research could be fun finding the right system that works for you. It is not rocket science. Do your research, buy American and make wise choices in doing so. Take the urgent from urgent baseball nets out of the phrase now that you have been educated. If you have questions we are here to help.


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