Why Color Netting? Why do people go for color sports netting? I understand that maybe the customer prefers to match up the colors of the school, little league baseball or park but is that the logical thing to do. What most people don’t understand and what seems to be the obvious is that the color netting lasts for a little while until the sun get a hold of it.

Lets explore. Its very true and appealing to the eye that color netting does look sharp and forceful. Color netting whether it is blue, green, red or yellow stands out like a sore thumb and will be noticed from a distant. The luxury of having this color netting will cost you double the cost of normal black or white sports net. Now ask your self this, is it worth spending the extra money on netting to match up colors when in reality the longevity of a net with color will be half the age of a black net. The brutality of the sun will eat into a color net within a year. No matter how much treatment you put on a color net, the sun will make it fade and the net will lose it shine or brilliance. Black sports netting however, will fight on against the sun and its elements due to the fact that not only can you add UV protection & weather treatment an extra application of 3% tar on the netting finish allows it to thrive for many more years. Tar, which is put on roofs of houses, is done so for a reason, so it is no doubt tested throughout the years. There is no possible way to add the tar finishing that we traditionally know it is black to red, green or blue colored sports netting. Black netting does not stand out and tends to blend into the background. Need proof, next time you go to a football game or hockey game, check out the netting they use.

Now ask yourself, is it worth paying double for an outdoor sports net that will fit an appearance but only last a few years versus a net that will blend into the background but last two or three times the lifespan of a colored net. The decision is easy on this side of the table but of course the customer must decide because the customer knows best.
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