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American Netting by the New Nets of America website is up! Nets of America now allows for easier checkout and much more products to offer. Also, we now have the option to add different border options to your netting. We take American pride in offering our hand made netting at a price that cannot be beat by any foreign company when it comes to custom work. Shipping on all nets is $18. We now offer many more economical options for finishes to our hand crafted nets. Here are the new american netting border options offered by the upgraded Nets of America:

American Netting by the New Nets of America Border Options

Regular rope borders are borders that are weaved in and out of each mesh and sewn in the corners. This is the standard and most popular option.

Sewn in rope borders include a rope border that is weaved in and out of each mesh and sewn in the corners. This net however, also includes sewing the rope border in again every mesh. This is bit overkill but nevertheless another new option offered to please our customers.

Lead Core Rope Bottom includes a lead core rope bottom that is weaved in and out of each mesh and sewn on to keep the bottom of the net weighed down against any heavy wind or ball hitting into it. Regular borders are included on the top and sides of the net.

Vinyl borders are borders that are made of 18 ounce vinyl material that is sewn on by our machines on all four sides.

Vinyl border with grommets are borders that are made of 18 ounce vinyl material that is sewn on by our machine on all four sides and include grommets every 15″ around. This is a good option for indoor netting. This will simply not hold up to a standard rope border option because of the wind elements outdoors. With time, a good wind will eat into the vinyl and grommets.

Vinyl bottom with lead core rope bottom option is a pocket of vinyl that is sewn to the bottom of the net with lead core rope already inside the pocket. This option is good for indoor nets. This will keep the balls from running under the net.

Many new products have been added and more will be coming as we grow into the one stop shop custom sports american netting company. Here are a few of the new items currently up and selling as we speak. You can order them directly online or contact us for any help or questions.

  • Dyneema/Spectra Baseball Backstop Netting is the top of the line baseball backstop net typically sold to high end stadiums or MLB teams. This net is in high demand because it is thin and has a strong quality about it. If it is out of your price range like most people see it as, an extremely solid substitute would be our #36 nylon backstop net also sold all over the country to MLB teams.
  • Football Field Goal Nets are made custom any height and width, size or shape. Whether you are kicking in your backyard or need a net for a stadium, our #36 nylon 4″ squared net is UV protected, weather treated and made to last north of 8+ years. Easy to install and heavy duty 100% twisted knotted nylon material.
  • Golf Driving Range Netting are made of 100% Twisted Knotted Nylon material, our golf driving range netting is made for the outdoors. As a barrier net, our UV protected netting will hold up to the weather elements such as sun, rain, snow & wind. We offer three thicknesses to choose from. #18, #21 or #36 nylon. Square hung for easy installation.
  • Landfill netting or also called debris and litter control netting is second to none in quality and price. Offered in #21, #24 & #36 nylon, it is UV protected and weather treated for the elements of nature. The #36 nylon is the most popular option we sell nationwide. Let us protect you community and allow it to grow by keeping litter, trash and debris from blowing around. We can make the nets any size of shape to fit your jobs needs. Also included are the rib lines or vertical ropes needed to reinforce the netting in installation.
  • Tennis Divider Nets here at Nets of America are unlike the pre made tennis divider nets that are sold by 95% of the companies online here is the states that import their nets directly from China, these nets are custom made to your gym or court specs. We make them any height and width with a vinyl border option on the bottom, lead core rope bottom, lead core vinyl bottom or simply a regular rope border. Shop us with the companies that offer standard sizes and most of the times our pricing beats the Chinese pricing. Any size or shape and shipping on all nets is $18.
  • Volleyball Court Barrier Netting is custom made any height or length. Our volleyball backstop net is made with our heavy duty 100% twisted knotted nylon 4″ square mesh. Before you order with us, take the measurement of what size you need, place the order and within a week, along with $18 shipping, you will have the net you need to protect property, fans or keep the ball in play. Our nets are made to last and will do so 8+ years.
  • Wall Padding for Gyms and stadiums backstops attached to our 7/16″ wood backing. We offer 14 different colors to match your organizational colors, three different thicknesses and three different size to choose from in our easy to checkout new website. Also is the option to add the graphics of you organization on our wall padding.
  • Custom Pole Padding for Football Field goal posts, fence posts or any other poles are covered with our standard pole padding or custom pole padding if needed. Also coming in 14 different colors, we can add your organization lettering on the padding or Logo. Check our website for this option.
  • Backstop Padding offered with 14 different colors to choose from and 12 different sizes our backstop padding come with grommets attached around the edges for easy installation to a fence. We can add graphics to your backstop padding displaying your organization.
  • Gym Floor Covers to protect your gym against any functions such as graduation, dances, concerts our any other functions. Available in 15 different colors to match your school colors, it is mildew proof and waterproof. Our PVC Coated polyester material comes in 10′ sections and lay smooth and flat for your gym floor dimensions.
  • Netting Installation Hardware with now an ample selection of netting hardware to assist in putting up your american netting project. We carry aircraft cable, spring clips, sliding clips, cable clamps, turnbuckles, eyebolts and twine to allow for a smooth and easy installation of a batting cage or backstop net.
  • Field Covers to protect your field against rain or snow. We now offer field covers for little league organizations to MLB teams. If you need a cover for home plate, the mound or the whole infield check out our website, add what you want and checkout.

Contact us for more questions you may have: 1-800-730-4211 or [email protected]

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